Abraham Espiritu

Abraham Espiritu


“Jamais elle n’avait eu tant d’estime pour elle-même ni tant de mépris pour les autres. Quelque chose de belliqueux la transportait. Elle aurait voulu battre les hommes, leur cracher au visage, les broyer tous.”

-Gustave Flabert

Cursed at birth with bad judgement and good looks,  I often find myself navigating through exceptionally unusual and uncomfortable situations. In order to cope with the reality I have been given, I translate my experiences into words with the hope of acting as somewhat of a guide to the taboo. Drawing from personal experiences, as well as observations and interactions I have within society, I aim to dissect everyday life into its most transparent and humanly imposed elements - and then mock them until they fall apart completely.  As a nonfiction writer, I offer my voice to an audience with the hope that they will be able to relate and gain further clarity in their own lives. Not all of us have someone to turn to when we must address difficult things, and I wish for my work to speak on that behalf. Though life can be suffocating and unjust at times, I aim to advocate through my writing that alternate and radical perspectives in everyday situations are not only possible, but valid.

Fuck society, fuck standards, and fuck being polite. 

Live for no one's validation but your own.


Celebrate in what you are.

The world is yours, sis. 

 * * * * * * 

I dedicate my work to the all the women who have been made to feel too loud or too vulgar or too  ashamed or too slutty or too obnoxious or too stubborn or too selfish or too hysterical or too intimidating or too bitchy or too ambitious or too radical or too isolated or too small by those around them.

I am you.

  I do all that I do in order to share my strengths and triumphs with women everywhere. This work is my victory, my testament to the world that despite what I have faced, I will not be silenced or ashamed.

I will not be passive.

I will not be accepting.


Things must change for women.

Things will change for women.

And I'm going to tell you how.

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In addition to writing, I choose to express myself physically through various mediums.  Much can be witnessed through a somatic presence that cannot be shared in writing. A survivor of sexual assault and physical abuse, my body has become a story of its own. I lend my corporal essence to those who wish to capture it through a lens, and we create art in that way.  In addition to still posing, I am an experienced  dancer as well as an amateur aerialist and acrobat. Developing a strong physical body is a key factor in both of my areas of creative output, as a strong body can often birth a strong mind - and vice versa.  

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